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Gaza: International Opinion: You Hate Them Or You Don’t

January 18, 2009

In general, this Opinionator shies away from putting pieces from The Times front and center. But it’s hard to stay away from the Israeli action in Gaza as the topic of the week, and the M.S.M. opinion-page bombshell was clearly The Times Op-Ed page on Wednesday, which featured a lengthy article by Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic entitled “Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas” snuggled in next to Thomas L. Friedman’s column, “Israel’s Goals in Gaza?”

By Tobin Harshaw
The New York Times

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, never shy of overstatement, wasn’t even close to being the most vitriolic voice on the left side of the blogosphere when he called Goldberg “one of the nation’s leading (and most deceitful) progandists” intent on pushing “the joys and glories of this latest Middle East war.” (The vitriol award probably goes to the former New York Observer blogger Philip Weiss. )

Seeing as my readership is more than familiar with Tom Friedman’s work and he has his own comments section on the site, I’m going to focus on Jeff Goldberg and the discussion he spawned across the Web. (Disclosure: I had nothing to do with the commissioning or editing of “Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas” although I have worked with the writer in the past.) The piece raises what for many will be the $64,000 question once the fighting in Gaza subsides: “As the Gaza war moves to a cease-fire, a crucial question will inevitably arise, as it has before: Should Israel (and by extension, the United States) try to engage Hamas in a substantive and sustained manner?”

Goldberg feels that while it’s “a fair question, one worth debating” it is “unmoored from certain political and theological realities.” He explains:

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