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Teleprompter White House: Packaged People, Messages

March 23, 2009

Joe “Gimme a f&*^%$ing break” Biden isn’t packaged.  His off hand comments are legendary.

But the Obama gang of advisors wants him to learn, to grow and get with the f&^*%$#ing telepromter.

Without it, Biden is dangerous.  Even when talking about 7-11.

Even the president proved dangerous this last weekend.  Within about 48 hours he was not very inspiring in two interviews without the teleprompter, one with Jay Leno and one on “60 Minutes.”

But who would have had the forethought to tell this great communicator (1) Jokes about the Special Olympics can go south fast; and (2) Laughing about the economy and people losing their jobs, savings and lunch money isn’t funny.

Then there is Tiny Tim Geithner: a media nightmare.

Today Geithner pulled off a successful “media event.”  The White House did not allow live pictures!

This is the most managed and packaged administration yet….

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Read Michelle Malkin:

Teased about his over relieance on the teleprompter, President Obama decided last night to use a jumbotron in only his second White House press conference.

This is like listening to the sight impaired read aloud; but we wouldn’t want to offend the sight impaired.

Eventually, in Amerian politics, even the slickest, most packaged guy will get unwrapped.

This is it.

Too bad the media assited in the packaging of the messiah before the election: now we have a president losing the confidence of the American people in a time of crisis.

What is worse is this: he seems to be losing his own confidence: his own sense of self and reality.

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President Barack Obama's TelePrompTer is seen before a news ...
Obama’s jumbotron in the White House..(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) 

Vice President Joe Biden is seen on a TelePrompTer while delivering ... 
Vice President Joe Biden is seen on a TelePrompTer while delivering remarks at the International Association of Fire Fighters 2009 Legislative Conference in Washington, Monday, March 16, 2009.(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


By Howard Kurtz
From CNN:

The venues could hardly be more different: Jay Leno’s couch and Steve Kroft’s hot seat.

The president, trying to get off the defensive during AIG Outrage Week, is on a certified media blitz. That’s why he played the Leno card, risking criticism that he shouldn’t be making jokes in Burbank while the economy is crumbling. That’s why he handicapped the NCAA playoff brackets on ESPN, risking criticism that he shouldn’t be worried about college hoops while the banking system remains in crisis.

That hot seat, figuratively speaking, was in the Oval Office, where the “60 Minutes” correspondent interviewed the president Friday evening.

“I think we asked him a lot of hard questions,” Kroft told me Sunday on “Reliable Sources.” “But I have to say that I found him probably more relaxed this week than at any other time that I had interviewed him.”

I asked whether he felt the need to be more polite with an incumbent president than a mere White House wannabe.

“I think that interviews with presidents are different than almost anything else,” Kroft said. “They’re sort of the last bastion of civility … particularly when you’re in the Oval Office. You’re not supposed to wag your finger at him, and you’re not supposed to get — it’s supposed to be civil. And so you always try and keep that in mind.”

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