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America Closer To A Lawless Neighbor, Drug Cartel Rules Border

January 29, 2009

Mexico inches closer to the rule of drug cartels without further resistance from police and other forms of organized government as Americans know it.  The orgainization will all be criminal.

“These criminal kingpins are not afraid of government authority,” said Rand Corp. terror expert Brian Jenkins. “They’re willing to take it on directly.”

Twenty-two people were found shot dead late Monday and Tuesday in northern Mexico, including four found on property belonging to the state-run oil giant Pemex, police said.

The killings are likely the result of the ongoing war between powerful drug cartels for control of lucrative access corridors to the United States, officials said.

Murders of police, judges, government officials and even at Pemex, a stong non-cartel source of revenue, indicate a state slipping toward failure.

That was the conclusion of a U.S. military report earlier this year.

A recent Pentagon report warned that if trends continue into the next decade, the U.S. must be on alert for the possible “rapid and sudden collapse” of Mexico.

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