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Gaza: Hamas showing signs of exhaustion; Abbas predicts a “waterfall of blood”

January 10, 2009
A senior Israeli military commander involved in Operation Cast Lead said on Saturday that Hamas militants are suffering from exhaustion and are deserting battle.
And as a result, Israel is increasing the pressure on Hamas.
Israel pounded rocket sites and tunnels Saturday while its planes dropped leaflets warning of an escalation, and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas predicted a “waterfall of blood” unless all parties adhere to the U.N.’s call for a durable cease-fire.
Israel’s foreign minister Tzipi Livni has declared her country “is not going to show restraint” as its forces close in on the main Hamas stronghold in Gaza.

This is day 15 of the Israeli-Hamas fight for Gaza.

Palestinian militants fired at least 10 more rockets at Israel on Saturday.

And now Israel is making ready for a total assault upon Gaza City and the possible Hamas militants hiding there.

John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Gaza Day 15: New UN Efforts, Neither Side Relents, Escalation Likely

From the Associated Press:


The commander told reporters that Amir Mansi, the commander of Hamas’s rocket-launching program in the Gaza City area who was killed by the IDF on Saturday, fired mortars himself after junior Hamas operatives refused to go outside, fearing an Israeli strike.


The IDF official estimated that more than 300 Hamas operatives have been killed since Israel launched its ground offensive in Gaza one week ago.

This is the highest estimate provided thus far, and the IDF said that Hamas has purposely refrained from releasing casualty figures among its military wing.

The commander added that the army is working to tighten its grip on the northern section of the Gaza Strip.

The IDF earlier on Saturday killed Mansi, an expert with regard to long-range Grad rockets.

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