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Gaza: Both Hamas and Israel Saying “Nuts” To Cease-Fire Ideas that are Lacking

January 7, 2009

Both Hamas and Israel are saying “nuts” Wednesday to cease-fire ideas both sides say are lacking essential elements.

When Bastogne was surrounded by German Army troops in World War II, a plea for the Americans to surrender was swent into the town by the angry German commander.

U.S. General Anthony Clement McAuliffe answered back: “Nuts.”

The German commander had to ask an American schooled assistant if the answer was in the affirmative or negative.

So it is to at least some extent in Gaza this day.

Hamas is saying “nuts” to Israel.  And Israel is saying “nuts” to the rest of the world community.

When one fears he may lose everything, and the thought of life in defeat is even more grim than the thought of death and the loss of our existance, our way of life, the only answer sometimes is “nuts.”

Hamas worries that it will no longer exist.  And some people in the Palestinian Authority and elsewhere would applaud.

In Israel, some politicians may lose their jobs in next month’s elections.  But the dark shadow of the loss of Israel itself is very real, either by gradual Arab gnawing away, as the Israelis see it, and loss of international (read U.S.) support or by the explosion of an Iranian bomb.

“Land for peace” has failed Israel; and now there is fear that with a new President of the United States all will change for Israel.

Hamas fear it may no longer exist some day too.

In cases like these, the negative response of “nuts” seems correct and normal.

Just as General McAuliffe believed death by fighting better than death of the soul by surrender, so Hamas and Israel both are locked into an existential struggle that is still dangerous to all….



We learn from friends inside Gaza this hour that israel has stopped hostilities in what it calls a “recess” to allow humanitarian supplies into Gaza.  Let’s hope this will give more time for cease-fire ideas to gain some real traction and for both sides to eliminate their response of “nuts”….

John E. Carey
Wakefield Chapel, Virginia

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