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Sex, Pop Culture, Drugs, Computers, Toys Are New ‘Opiate of the People’

December 14, 2008

Al Gore has accused the world of having more interest in Paris Hilton, OJ Simpson and Anna Nicole Smith than saving the planet.

He made the remarks while attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan.

Paris Hilton

The Oscar and Nobel Prize winner Mr. Gore  has learned an ugly lesson about our “modern” society: sometimes it seems nobody is thinking and nobody cares.

Karl Marx said “Religion is the opiate of the masses.”  But now even religion is dead and cast aside, if one believes cascading church attendance records.

It seems to us that a world-wide self-absorbed interest in sex, drugs, pop culture and pop stars added to a growing immersion in computers, cell phones, Blackberries iPods, and other gadgets and toys is jeapordizing many character building elements of former societies.

During the last two years, pop star Amy Winehouse became a poster child for sex, drugs, booze and bad behaviour…

Just last night we placed two articles with sexual and drug themes  here on this web site.  We had our most “readers” ever.  If we had all the videos of  “Dances with the Stars”e could have mesmerized the planet.

The cover of the Mexican Playboy magazine. (AAP)
The cover of the Mexican Playboy magazine. (AAP)

This is not a scientific observation.  But like Al Gore, we do notice trends and voice concern.

And we wonder, is this a good trend and where are we going?

Al Gore: World cares more about Paris Hilton than saving the planet


Will Smith: Helping Others

Will Smith is bringing the message of his new movie “Seven Pounds” to the Midwest with a promotional tour that also turned into a fundraiser.

In the film, which opens nationwide Friday, Smith portrays a suicidal man determined to change the lives of several strangers.

In this Dec. 9, 2008 file photo, actor Will Smith attends the ... 
In this Dec. 9, 2008 file photo, actor Will Smith attends the premiere of ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ in New York. Smith promoted his new movie ‘Seven Pounds’ in Edina, Minn., Friday, Dec. 12, 2008, by combining interviews, private visits at schools and hospitals, and a red-carpet local premiere for the film.(AP Photo/Peter Kramer, File)

“If there’s a message, it’s ‘you gotta help somebody.’ Even if it’s somebody’s car breaking down, use your cell phone. Something little like that. We gotta help one another to get the quality of life we’re all striving for,” he said in an interview with the Star Tribune.

Smith’s appearance Friday for a local premier at a theater in suburban Edina was also a fundraiser for Second Harvest Heartland, the state’s largest hunger-relief organization. Tickets were given to the first 250 people who donated nonperishable food. He and Vikings player Bernard Berrian also donated 300 holiday dinners to the organization.

“It’s cool to have the goal of being the biggest movie star in the world. But why? It’s been revealed to me that the question is: Whose life is better because you woke up today?”

Smith said he realized he had drifted out of contact with everyday people on Nov. 4.

“I sat there with my children and my 16-year-old son couldn’t understand how I didn’t know (the election) was over already. He was like ‘You’re out of touch,'” he said.

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