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Dennis Ross: Iran Mastering Intimidation, Coercion, Subversion

January 2, 2009

Everywhere you look in the Middle East today, Iran is threatening U.S. interests and the political order. The Iranians see themselves as a rising power, and are warning their neighbors of the costs of friendship with Washington. As one Arab ambassador told me recently, the Iranians have begun reminding Arab leaders that America didn’t help Fuad Siniora, the prime minister of Lebanon, or Mikheil Saaskashvili, the president of Georgia, when both got into trouble—in fact, Washington left them high and dry. Iran, by contrast, is close by and not going anywhere. And it will make life difficult for those that cross it.

By Dennis Ross
For Newsweek

If Iran is already acting in intimidating ways, imagine what would happen if the country goes nuclear and gains an atomic shield behind which to engage in coercion and subversion.

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