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George W. Bush is the “Lame Duck That Roared”

December 11, 2008

George W. Bush is the “Lame Duck That Roared,” according to arch-conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer.

According to Krauthammer, who appeared Wednesday on the Fox News Channel, Bush has provided more real leadership during the lamest of his lame duck time than any previous lame duck president ever.

 Charles Krauthammer

Bush has managed the economic crisis with the help of the Treasury Department including Henry Paulson and (like him or not) Neel Kashkari and others.  He has managed a major time-line agreement with the Iraqis on U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq, and he has gotten a Status of Forces Agreement (SoFA) signed with the Iraqis, an effort to protect American troops against unlawful action by their host nation.

Krauthammer has dubbed Bush “The Lame Duck That Roared” and we sure hope he makes his case in Friday’s column….

Neel Kashkari, interim Assistant Treasury Secretary for Financial ...

Neel Kashkari, interim Assistant Treasury Secretary for Financial Stability, at a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on December 10. The US Congress has published an extremely critical report on the Treasury Department’s handling of the two-month-old, US$700 billion financial industry bailout aimed at stabilizing the US economy.  But the Congrress was unable to come up with a viable plan on its own.(AFP/Getty Images/Mark Wilson)