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Obama’s Loss On Stimulus Intangible But Real

January 30, 2009

Bill Sammon, a former White House reporter for the Washington Times and a frequent Fox News Channel talking head said today, “The House vote on the stimulus was a stinging rebuke for the President.”

He went on to explain that the stimulus should be a slam dunk, given the current global economy.

But the president didn’t get one Republican vote on the stimulus package — and he lost 11 Democrats.

President Obama and the Democrats may have squandered a lot of good will with a bad piece of legislation formulated badly and then rushed into a vote.

Now Peggy Noonan, a former White House hand, says Preident Obama has a lot of clock left in this game.  And he may be overexposed, Peaking too early….


By Peggy Noonan
The Wall Street Journal
It looks like a win but feels like a loss.

The party-line vote in favor of the stimulus package could have been more, could have produced not only a more promising bill but marked the beginning of something new, not a postpartisan era (there will never be such a thing and never should be; the parties exist to fight through great political questions) but a more bipartisan one forced by crisis and marked by—well, let’s call it seriousness.
President Obama could have made big history here. Instead he just got a win. It’s a missed opportunity.

It’s a win because of the obvious headline: Nine days after inauguration, the new president achieves a major Congressional victory, House passage of an economic stimulus bill by a vote of 244-188. It wasn’t even close. This is major.

But do you know anyone, Democrat or Republican, dancing in the street over this? You don’t. Because most everyone knows it isn’t a good bill, and knows that its failure to receive a single Republican vote, not one, suggests the old battle lines are hardening. Back to the Crips versus the Bloods. Not very inspiring.

The president will enjoy short-term gain. In the great circle of power, to win you have to look like a winner, and to look like a winner you have to win. He did and does. But for the long term, the president made a mistake by not forcing the creation of a bill Republicans could or should have supported.

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