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Obama: Playing not to lose

March 12, 2009

President Obama is not playing to win.  He’s playing not to lose.  After 50 days in office he is trying to run out the clock: with 1,410 days to go.

He’s playing not to lose the next election.

A president playing to win would have started on the economy on day one: and would never have delivered the inauguration address Barack Obama did.  A president playing to win would have declared war on the economy by now, fired Tim Geithner by now, and delivered a plan based-upon a well thought out national mission we could all hold on to.  The way the nation is going is more like Alice in Wonderland than the economic “catastrophe” we face in reality.

And the thought that we can still start spending on a host of new initiatives including universal health care, education, energy and climate change reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road.

Barack is behind the curtain: where he signed the shameful omnibus pork bill yesterday instead of declaring a veto as part of his “new boss in town” approach.  Instead our approach is: we can have it all.

Well: first get some jobs and houses back, Barack.  And you’ll need to fix the banks to do that.

Stop playing not to lose.  Playing not to lose is great for lawyers, professors and community organizers.  But we are no longer in a law firm, a class room or in Reverend Wright’s church.

ACORN and “God Damn America” won’t work here: and if you think it will good luck.  But remember: you’re gambling with my money, my childrens’ money, my grandchildrens’ money and China’s money.

The casino Barack Obama is spending our money in is the world and China, which holds much of the U.S. debt, and China could break his legs…..

President Obama says we need a total rebuilding of American health care, education and energy: but we’ll just push reset with the rest of the world….It just seems like a sophomoric and socialistic thought process that can’t work.  The Soviet Union spent itself to death trying to keep up with U.S. military advances.  Now China and Russia will just watch as America spends itself to death with $1 billion dollars an hour of borrowed (much from China) money….

We cannot fix everything until we fix one thing: the economy.

John E. Carey
Wakefield Chapel, Virginia

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Hey Obama: You had me at “hello.”

From January 21, 2009:

My expectations for Barack Obama starting on this Inauguration Day could not be higher.

He’s a gifted public orator with a huge election win under his belt and “political capital” like few ever before him.  As the throng on the mall this morning shows, people from all over America love this man and expect greatness from him.

He has to deliver.

He has to change the nation’s course and perhaps that of the world.

I want to hear his real vision.  Not rhetoric.  I want to hear a master plan from a Harvard educated black man that has risen as high as any American can go.

I want to hear “We Americans are no longer the land of pork barrel spending, party divisions, racial strife and discord.  We will meet any challenge, climb any mountain….”

Above from our inauguration day hopes…
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We can have it all got us into this economic mess, which Barack Obama chased after to solve.  The presidency was not “inherited.” And with this economy it seems we can not have it all….