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Vietnam imposes new blogging restrictions

December 24, 2008

Vietnam has approved new regulations banning bloggers from discussing subjects the government deems sensitive or inappropriate and requiring them to limit their writings to personal issues.

Associated Press

The rules ban any posts that undermine national security, incite violence or crime, disclose state secrets, or include inaccurate information that could damage the reputation of individuals and organizations, according to a copy of the regulations obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

The rules, which were approved Dec. 18, attempt to rein in Vietnam’s booming blogosphere. It has become an alternative source of news for many in the communist country, where the media is state-controlled.

The new rules require Internet companies that provide blogging platforms to report to the government every six months and provide information about bloggers on request.

The companies are also required to prevent and remove content the government deems harmful.


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Jesse Jackson Says He’s Clean; “Clearly, a scheme had been hatched in the mind of the governor”

December 13, 2008

A fundraiser held by Indian-American businessmen three days before Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested on corruption charges emerged Friday as a potentially key event in the federal investigation into whether he tried to sell President-elect Barack Obama‘s vacant Senate seat.

Questions are being raised about last Saturday’s event for Blagojevich because Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s brother, Jonathan, was among those attending. The Indian community has a long history of supporting the Jackson family’s political aspirations, and the congressman has been clear about his interest in succeeding Obama.

Rep. Jackson, however, flatly denied that he or his brother were involved in a scheme for Blagojevich to peddle the Senate seat in return for up to $1.5 million in political contributions.

The congressman also said neither his brother nor his father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, served as any kind of emissary for discussions with the governor.

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