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First Hearing in Congress on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pentagon’s Future Under Obama

January 27, 2009

The messenger from the Pentagon to Congress for the new president will be the same messenger used by the old preident: Robert Gates.

Gates goes to the Congress today to discuss the future of the new President’s plan for Iraq, Afghanistan and probably some on the new defense budget….


Defense Secretary Robert Gates is arguing that Afghanistan now is America’s “greatest military challenge.”

In a national security assessment that he will give to Congress later Tuesday, Gates also says the international effort to fight Afghanistan’s growing violence has been “less than stellar” so far.

In a copy of the testimony obtained by The Associated Press, Gates says it will take a long and difficult fight to rout insurgents and help develop an Afghanistan that rejects the Taliban and backs its elected….

How To Pay For 21st Century Military

Obama Team Wants Pentagon Budget Focused More on Current War, Less on Future Programs

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