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Israel: “This is not a conflict that will end with an agreement”

January 11, 2009

Foreign Minister Tzip Livni said Sunday that Israel’s war with Hamas is not a one-time conflict that will end with an agreement.

Speaking during a joint press conference with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Jerusalem, Livni said that, “Hamas regrets the day they decided to intensify the rocket fire on Israel under the assumption that we would show restraint. We need to understand that on the day after [Operation Cast Lead] we must prevent Hamas from rearming, because we cannot allow a scenario in which Hamas understands that it cannot fire, but allows itself to stock up on weapons. The German foreign secretary’s meeting in Egypt was important. The fact that we are engaged in dialogue over the issue of Egyptian sovereignty that can help prevent smuggling, a process that we are now engaged in together, and the international understanding now is that Israel too has the right to defend itself and that a situation in which there a breach in the border cannot be allowed.”

“We are in midst of a struggle against terrorism, and it is not a one-time conflict. This is not a conflict that will end with an agreement….

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