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Unable To Stop Hamas Arms, Some Israelis Say “End Hamas”

January 14, 2009

“We must end Hamas.”

That from the leader of Israel’s Likud Party, Binyamin Netanyahu.
“We must define the end, not only the means to attaining it, but rather the end,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Israel Radio. “We are in an impossible situation. No country has a million of its citizens under rocket fire.”

Israel Seriously Injured Itself During Gaza: “Is this the Israel you want to be?”

According to Netanyahu, “there are two options [in Gaza]. The eradication of the Hamas regime – and there will be no escaping this in the long run – and putting an end to its armament.”

“We need effective closure, not words,” he said. “We’ve already had words that were written down and undersigned in Lebanon, but there, too, Hizbullah rearmed itself. Therefore, as opposed to Lebanon, in the Gaza Strip we have the possibility of actualizing the closure; that’s the basic objective.”

Netanyahu’s strong stand underscores the difficulty Israeli leaders are having in defining the “endgame” of the military operation in Gaza called cast Lead.

This report’s quotes come from the Jerusalem Post: