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U.S. House Passes Resolution Supporting Israel in Gaza

January 9, 2009

The House overwhelmingly adopted a resolution Friday to express solidarity with Israel and condemn the Islamist group Hamas for its role in the conflict in Gaza and southern Israel.

The non-binding measure (H Res 34), adopted 390-5, calls for a “durable and sustainable” cease-fire.

By Adam Graham-Silverman, CQ Staff

During floor debate, some supporters of the resolution sought to balance Israel’s right to self-defense with the loss of life on both sides.

“I have no trouble justifying the war Israel has undertaken. I am deeply troubled, however, by the suffering, destruction, and loss of innocent life that war inevitably entails,” said Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard L. Berman, D-Calif. “It is imperative that a way be found to stop the killing on both sides – but in a manner that will ensure that this round will be the last round.”

Others were less measured.

“While Israel seeks to lie aside a Palestinian state, Hamas seeks to kill or expel every Jew in the Middle East,” said Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., chairman of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Nonproliferation, Terrorism and Trade. “Hamas proudly holds the flag of ethnic cleansing.”

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UN Passes Cease Fire Resolution; Hamas, Israel Intensify Attacks; Day 14

January 9, 2009

The U.N. Security Council late Thursday overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza.

But Israel intensivied its air attacks to more than 50 on day 14, Friday.  The average number of air attacks upon Gaza from Israel has been between 30 and 40.

“We are all very conscious that peace is made on the ground while resolutions are written in the United Nations,” British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said. “Our job here is to support the efforts for peace on the ground and to help turn the good words on paper into changes on the ground that are desperately needed.”

At 0900 GMT Friday, more than 12 hours after the U.N. action, Israeli newspapers were reporting that Hamas rockets were still landing in Israel.

“Somebody doesn’t understand something,” said an Israeli.

Photo: AP

A Hamas spokesman said the Islamic militant group “is not interested” in the cease-fire because it was not consulted and the resolution did not meet its minimum demands.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Israel would continue to act in the best interest of Israel.

The Security Council overcame intense divisions and overwhelmingly approved the resolution urging an immediate and durable Gaza cease-fire.

The U.S. abstained.

An Israeli army tank takes position on a hill at the border ...

The U.S. and Arab nations worked out the deal but Israel and Hamas have to stop the fighting on their own.

The resolution “stresses the urgency of, and calls for, an immediate, durable, and fully respected cease-fire which will lead to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.”

The vote was 14-0, with the United States abstaining. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the U.S. “fully supports” the resolution but abstained “to see the outcomes of the Egyptian mediation” with Israel and Hamas, also aimed at achieving a cease-fire.

Early Friday in Gaza, violence continued unabated….

There was no immediate reaction from Israeli officials to the vote, but Israel has opposed the idea of a binding resolution. Israel’s political security cabinet was to meet Friday to determine whether to pursue the ground offensive or accept a truce.

For its part, Gaza’s Hamas rulers did not recognize the resolution as it had not been consulted on it, said a spokesman for the Islamist group.

John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Reuters said:

Israel pushed ahead with its offensive in the Gaza Strip on Friday, ignoring a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the 14-day-old conflict.

Israeli warplanes dropped bombs on the outskirts of the city of Gaza, residents said. Elsewhere, Palestinian medics said tanks shelled a house in Beit Lahiya in the north of the Gaza Strip, killing six Palestinians from the same family.




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