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Rocket From Gaza Hits Israel; Isreal Threatens More Military Action

January 31, 2009

A rocket fired from Gaza landed in Israel on Saturday, the third since both Israel and Hamas declared cease-fires on January 18.

There were no injuries.

Update from Feb 1:
More Rockets Hit Israel, “Disproportionate” Response Threatened

“Hamas was hit like it was never hit before,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel’s Channel 10 TV on Friday. “If we will have to hit Hamas again, we will.”

Both Hamas and Israel are keeping a tense and steady truce, and both sides expressed concern that the fighting may not yet be over.

President Barack Obama’s new Middle East envoy promised a vigorous push for Israel-Palestinian peace, saying Gaza militants must end their weapons smuggling and the territory’s blockaded borders must be pried open if a cease-fire already marred by violence is to take hold.

George Mitchell held  talks with regional leaders this week to determine the next steps the Obama administration would take toward reviving peace negotiations following Israel’s blistering military offensive against Gaza’s Islamic Hamas rulers.


Jerusalem Post:


Obama urges Israel, Hamas to keep peace in Gaza

January 22, 2009

President Barack Obama is calling on Israel and Hamas to take steps aimed at ensuring that the cease-fire that’s in place in Gaza will endure. Weighing in on the conflict for the first time following his inauguration, Obama said that going forward, Hamas must end rocket fire at Israel, and Israel must “complete the withdrawal of its forces from Gaza.” Although those steps were taken this week, low-level violence has marred the fragile cease-fire.

Obama said his administration will support a “credible” system of ending smuggling into Gaza.

He said he’s “deeply concerned” by the loss of life among both Israelis and Palestinians, and by the suffering taking place in Gaza. He said his heart goes out to civilians who are going without food, water or medical care.

He said Gaza‘s borders should be opened to allow aid to come in, with “appropriate monitoring.”

–Associated Press