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China: Porn King Almost Got The Best Of Barack Obama

January 7, 2009

Ah, yes, everyone recalls the Super Bowl winner but many forget that other great team that got there and lost.

So we asked intrepid young Lucy Che to figure out for us all the Number 2 candidates, the “runners up,” to Barack Obama in the annual nation to nation polling for “man of the Year.”

The Time magazine naming Barack Obama as Person of the Year ...

Lucy told us that Barack Obama is secure in his spot in most nations as the peoples’ choice for “Man of the Year.”  But in China his competition was, let us say, “stiff.”

The second most popular Man of the Year for 2008 in China was apparently Edison Chen.

Edison Chen cares little for global warming, the economy or human rights.

He is a porn star.

In fact, he is such a porn star that “Edison Chen” and “Chen” became the most web searched names in China last year.

Edison Chen became a “sensation” in China when several porn videos and stills of him cavorting with pretty Chinese starlets appeared on the Internet.

Message to Barack:  Don’t get cocky!  Michelle will brain you.

And Edison is talented.  He speaks several languages.  But if you ask any young Chinese woman, they can only think of one language they’d like to try with Edison.

Edison: phone home.

The tidal wave of interest in Chen and his sexual ability became so great that China pulled the plug and told Google, Baindu and other search engines they had to remove the porn or else.

The search engines backed down and even Google groveled before the Chinese government to regain their search rights.

Obama was clearly the winner for “Man of the Year.”  But Edison Chen wound up on top a lot of the time….

As for those interested in seeing Edison in action: you are on your own!

Google, Baidu Other Internet Companies Apologize to China To Regain Business

Edison Chen was narrowly beaten by Barack Obama for “Person of the Year 2008” in Radio Television Hong Kong’s poll.