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Obama Stimulus: “Don’t They Make RVs in Elkhart?”

February 9, 2009

Here’s the photo op the White House wants: Barack Obama in a room full of angry voters in a town with 15% unemployment.

They’ll certainly applaud the president and the stimulus.

But the problem is: 50% or more of America has doubts about the stimulus.  Questions.  Reservations.  Fear.

So there are just a few problems with this picture some media folks at the White House want.  Nothing againt Elkhart or Indiana. But Elkhart is the Recreational Vehicle (RV) capital of America.  And we know how essential the RV truly is…

Try explaining even what an RV is to the hungry of Darfur or refugees in Thailand.  To John Madden an RV is essential.  Well, maybe no.  Even he has a converted bus.

Unemployment is unemployment so we do have a twinge of sadness at 15 % unemployment in the RV sector, but this is not a catastrophe.

And are we supposed to believe that the stimulus is about revitalizing the RV business?  Are these the jobs America needs?  The goods we are so proud of?

No. Barney Frank says we need to get stimulus money to states and cities so they can pay the police.  Well, like the rest of us, cities and towns have to make some decisions about where their money goes.

And so does the White House.  Barack Obama explaining the catastrophe in RV town doesn’t make me a believer.

And Barack Obama on the campaign trail won’t necessarily work.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution pointed out this morning, the Obama campaign is over and the effectiveness of the campaign machine that got Obama elected won’t change a lot of minds about the stimulus.

As some opined on the show “Fox News Sunday,” “It’s a bad [stimulus] bill.”

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