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Obama Uses Company That Refuses to Stand Up To China for On Line Town Hall

March 26, 2009

Nobody in the United States can probably ever again stand up to China: now that the Chinese virtually own America and the Obama Administration will add to what China owns and the money U.S. taxpayers give to China in debt and interest payments….

So today President Obama Himself added to Google’s world wide luster by using Google’s “Moderator” for his Internet on line town hall meeting.

Google should be ashamed, though, of how it has knuckled under to Chinese pressure and how Google refuses to admit that it is aiding and abetting China’s miserable and barbaric acts of human rights abuses….

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is an Obama buddy….

So the President of the United States can use Google to get his message out and when Tibetan protesters put a video on Google’s YouTube to get their message out and China blocks YouTube: the American media is silent….

Seems like America’s talk about human rights is just that: talk.

Obama shakes hands with Google's CEO Eric Schmidt.

Barack Obama and Google CEO Eric Schmidt shake hands.
Photo: AP

Google Moderator is White House Choice:

Google and Obama:


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