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Obama, Congress: Not One Candidate Worthy of “Special Olympics”

March 20, 2009

People I’ve met at the Special Olympics display drive, determination, and focus.  They see the big picture, believe in the fellowship of mankind and are overjoyed and thankful for their gifts.

The President of the United States, who promised a new kind of government, a new era of post racial, post partisan, pork free government of transparency and equality brought forth some kind of dementia of his own on national TV last night.

He demeaned the Special Olympics and the athletes who work so hard to get there.

Barack: stick to the teleprompter.  Tell Biden, too.

So now, after just 60 days of this president, his administration and this congress, we have a rush job stimulus to nowhere; a witch hunt over $165 million while several trillion dollars are frittered away.  We have a verbal war with Rush Limbaugh, no real bipartisanship, $1 billion in spending an hour for 50 days, and a world economy adrift.

Drifing downward.

And the hope?  The promise?  It’s to spend more.  With this congress deciding how.

Yesterday the president appeared on a late night comedy show which wasn’t funny, filled out his basketball bracket, which insulted at least one team, and today his wife will plant vegetables, apparently aware that the recent action by the Fed will mean inflation and veggies nobody can afford to buy.

It’s much more inspirational to watch the Special Olympics than this president and his team.

Let’s not even name names: nobody in this presidency and congress looks able enough to make the Special Olympic team….They are an insult to Special Olympians…..

With the world economy on life support, Obama and this congress seem worthy only of pulling the plug….

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