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Barack Is Mostly Showman, Not Statesman; and Now Putin and Ahmadinejad Know

February 11, 2009

The president has shown us who he really is this last few weeks.  We already knew he was an able campaigner and “Town Hall” meeting host — and that’s what he fell back upon when the going got tough on the stimulus and the economy.

The trips to Elkhart and Fort Myers signaled weakness and not strength.

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The strengths of a president’s convictions would have kept him at home, with a really bipartisan group of lawmakers trying to sort out the nation’s economic future and the path to get there including the stimulus.

But the president chose instead to go on the road and characterize the stimulus debate as a talk between those who had a solution (Democrats) and those who had no solution (Republicans). Of course if this were true there would be no need for bipartisanship — which has been sent to the ash heap after what?  Three weeks?

It’s easy to convince a group of unemplyed RV builders that you’ll give them money and life will be O.K.  It’s another thing to sit down with the politicial opposition and hammer out the details.

But showmanship replaced statesmanship; because Barack is, deep down, a showman, not a legislator or a statesman.

And details are lacking in no small amount.

Treasury Secretary Geithner almost single handedly caused a hemorrhage of the stock market yesterday because of his lack of details.

When asked for more details at a Senate hearing Wednesday he seemed clueless; which is just about what Senator Lindsey Graham called him.

And the more the details of the simulus are known the less thinking people like it.  We didn’t know until yesterday that the stimulus includes government oversight of your doctor’s opinion about your medical care.

If I can figure this out so can Ahmadinejad in Iran and certainly the Master, Putin in Moscow.

They can see weakness.  They can see an election and a man with a lot less substance than people thought.

Joe Biden has gotten himself into trouble twice since the election.  The first time he predicted that some international effort would test the new president.  He got in trouble agin when he said the Administration had a pretty good chance of screwing up — and the president seemed to say Monday night, “Who listens to that fool Joe Biden anyway?”

Well guys like Putin and Ahmadinejad do listen and watch.  And the tests the president has encountered so far, like can he build bipartisanship and not destroy it further, have been lost.

Hey, it was Vice President Joe Biden that pointed this out first, not me.


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