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Stumulus: Obama and Congress Sold Us A Lot Of Useless Swampland; Ready To Buy More?

March 26, 2009

The stimulus cost taxpeyers $787 billion.  It was rushed through congress to create jobs.  Few in congress even admitted to reading its 1,000 plus pages.  The stimulus authorized the AIG bonus payments that nearly eveyone since saw as “outrage.”

Thanks to Chris Dodd and Tim Geithner apparently….

Now the president said he will use that anger and outrage that he himslf and congress fueled to sell more spending: his budget.  The $3.6 trillion budget.

Did we get jobs from the stimulus or will we?

Calvin Woodward of the Associated Press said it pretty well today, “If space exploration were conducted like the job forecasts under the government’s new stimulus law, man surely would have missed the moon.”

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Obama Dead Wrong On Stimulus, Caterpillar Company Jobs, Recovery

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CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON – If space exploration were conducted like the job forecasts under the government’s new stimulus law, man surely would have missed the moon. But this isn’t rocket science.

No promise from President Barack Obama is more important to the wounded economy than his vow to save or create some 3.5 million jobs in two years. In support of that bottom line, the government even tells states how many jobs they can expect to see from the spending and tax cuts.

But precise trajectories are impossible to plot and even approximations can be wildly off, as the authors of these forecasts acknowledge, usually more readily than the policymakers who use them to promote the plan.

Flip through the stacks of economic analyses underpinning the stimulus plan and you find a lot of throat-clearing qualifications and angst:

–“Very uncertain.”

–“Difficult to distinguish among alternative estimates.”

–“We confess to considerable uncertainty.”

–“Subject to substantial margins of error.”

In other words, who really knows?

Economic modeling may prove to be a haywire navigational device in this crisis.

“Large fiscal stimulus is rarely attempted,” Douglas Elmendorf, director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, told lawmakers. “For those reasons, some economists remain skeptical that there will be any significant effects, while others expect very large ones.”

Zero to nirvana? Even for economists, who routinely differ among themselves, that’s a range beyond the norm.

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Obama Tending Toward Swampland Salesman on Bipartisanship, Transparency, Ethical Government

January 29, 2009

President Obama is quickly becoming a swamp land salesman.  We’d liken him to a used car salesman but everyone in The Motor City is already unhappy with him.

On bipartisanship, the president is clear. He wants it.  So he allowed the House of Representatives, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to write a stimulus bill.  Then the president went to Capitol Hill to make the pitch for bipartisanship.

Too late.

The president even apparently said to reluctant Republicans, “I won.”

Nancy Pelosi apparently claimed the higher ground, saying, “We won.”

Republicans actually thought they’d be part of the legislative process.

Not one Republican voted for the Obama stimulus.

“That’s just not the way it works,” one Republican told us.

Then there is the oath on transparency.  Followed by an oath in the White House without any news media writers or reporters.  “We would have needed a bigger room, ” one White House aide said.  Call me: I can point out the bigger rooms.

And on lobbyists and ethics in government the president has already asked for several exemptions, including for his Treasury Secretary that forgot to pay his taxes and now supervises the IRS and for his nominee as Deputy Secretary of Defense, William Lynn, a lobbyist.

But we are early in this presidency and there is plenty of time left to learn….

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