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Lawless Somalia Chaos: President Fires Premier

December 14, 2008

Somalia’s president fired his prime minister Sunday and accused him of paralyzing the government with “corruption, inefficiency and treason.” Hours later, as the government veered toward collapse, Islamic insurgents held a brazen news conference in the capital and vowed never to negotiate with the leadership.

President Abdullahi Yusuf announced his decision in Baidoa, one of the few towns the government still controls.

Above: President Abdullahi Yusuf  Ahmed

Islamic militants accused of ties to al-Qaida have taken over most of the country.

“The government has been paralyzed by corruption, inefficiency and treason,” Yusuf said. He will name a new prime minister in three days, he said.

The prime minister, Nur Hassan Hussein, promised to challenge his dismissal, saying the president lacked the authority to fire him and that Somalia itself lacked a legal government because too many ministers have already resigned.

By MOHAMED OLAD HASSAN, Associated Press Writer

“The president was speaking in his usual personal capacity, which is always contrary to the country’s existing rules and regulations,” Hussein told The Associated Press.

Later in the day, Sheik Muktar Robow, a spokesman for the al-Shabab insurgent group, held a news conference in the capital, Mogadishu, in open disregard for the government.

Blindfolded Ali Hussein, who was accused of beheading his mother, ... 
Blindfolded Ali Hussein, who was accused of beheading his mother, is prepared for execution as the crowd watches in Bulo Marer , Somalia, Saturday, Dec.13, 2008. Fighters loyal to the Islamist insurgent group al Shabaab on Saturday afternoon publicly executed two men accused of killing their parents, the first such punishment since the Islamists took control of Lower Shabelle region in the South of Mogadishu. The first execution occurred in Bulo Marer, a trading post in Lower Shabelle region where Ali Hussein, who was accused of beheading his mother, was shot by a firing squad of three men.(AP Photo/ Mohamed Sheikh Nor)

“We will never talk to the government and will never accept any political power sharing. Our aim is only to see Islamic law running this country,” Robow said.

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