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Czech President Says Obama Views “Unknown” On Key Foreign Policy Issues

March 10, 2009

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said Monday that he is seeking a sign from President Obama as to whether the U.S. will uphold its agreement to deploy missile defenses in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Mr. Klaus, an advocate for the deployment, told The Washington Times that he is eager to learn whether Mr. Obama will be as committed to the U.S. defense system as was President George W. Bush.

By Betsy Pisik
The Washington Times

Mr. Obama is due to visit Prague after a summit of major industrial nations in London early next month.

 ASSOCIATED PRESS Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who will meet with President Obama, said, "I hope that will be a good opportunity to understand better his views."

Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who will meet with President Obama, said, “I hope that will be a good opportunity to understand better his views.”  Photo: AP

“We’re looking forward to having him in Prague,” Mr. Klaus said. “I hope that will be a good opportunity to understand better his views.”

In New York for an environmental conference, Mr. Klaus said the Obama administration’s position on missile defense is “unknown.”

“I understand all presidents have their domestic priorities, and I understand the economic problems are more important to him now,” the Czech leader said.

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EU Reality Czech: Eurosceptic Vaclav Klaus

December 27, 2008

When you are head of state of the country about to hold the EU presidency, you might normally be looking forward to a taste of the international limelight, and a busier, more prestigious schedule than usual.

But Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, may be relishing his country’s assumption of EU leadership in January for very different reasons – as an opportunity to publicise views which other EU leaders will not enjoy hearing.

Vaclav Klaus 
Vaclav Klaus

For Mr Klaus, a steely, bespectacled economist who came to sudden prominence after the Czechoslovak revolution against communism, is a vehement Eurosceptic. He believes the EU has echoes of the old Soviet bloc he used to live under.

And he is also an enthusiastic challenger of European and international policy on everything from climate change to relations with Russia.

Constant dissidence

Mr Klaus gave a foretaste of what the EU can expect on an official visit to Ireland in November. Upsetting his Irish hosts, he ostentatiously visited Declan Ganley, leader of the successful Irish No campaign against ratification of the EU’s Lisbon reform treaty.

Klaus compared Ganley and his supporters to dissidents in the old communist bloc – which angered many former Czech dissidents who suffered persecution and imprisonment for their views.

But Mr Klaus likes to think of his life as a kind of constant dissidence against what he sees as the erroneous views of the majority.

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