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Health care overhaul may cost another $1.5 trillion or more

March 17, 2009


“Guaranteeing health insurance for all Americans may cost about $1.5 trillion over the next decade, health experts say. That’s more than double the $634 billion ‘down payment’ President Barack Obama set aside for health reform in his budget, raising the prospect of sticker shock at a time of record federal spending.”

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While most of America’s mainstream media was worried about, what, $160 million in bonus money AIG paid out, the real issue always was and still is, how can we do everything in President Obama’s budget when we still haven’t stopped the economic bleeding.

The fabrication that we  are in such a financial crisis that we absolutely MUST now spend heaps of money bailing out everyone, including other nations, and we absolutely must solve all the problems of health care, energy, education and global warming is crazy.  Nuts.

We are charging to our national credit card with no end in sight  — and we don’t know for sure what we are buying, what it will cost and what else could go wrong like a new terrorist attack like 9-11, another war, and so on.  And we don’t know if all this printing money and insanity will cause inflation that will make the dollar worthless.

That’s what China was worried about last week when Premier Wen Jaibao said he was concerned about american spending and borrowing.

We are in an economic crisis and we do not yet know how much we’ll have to spend to end it: that is a real problem.  Until we stop thinking about a second stimulus and more bailouts we have no idea how much debt we’ll have and if anyone will buy our T-bills.

We haven’t even solved the banks with toxic assets problem yet.

The AIG bonus flap is about 1/2 of 1% of the AIG bailout of some $173 billion.

As Joe Biden likes to say: “Gimme a f*&$#ing break.”

What is an outrage here is that President Obama has not yet apologized to the American people for the ineptitude of his economic team.

he needs to fire geithner and scale back his spending dreams.  He already has too much of my money — and my grandchildrens’.

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