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Obama Tending Toward Swampland Salesman on Bipartisanship, Transparency, Ethical Government

January 29, 2009

President Obama is quickly becoming a swamp land salesman.  We’d liken him to a used car salesman but everyone in The Motor City is already unhappy with him.

On bipartisanship, the president is clear. He wants it.  So he allowed the House of Representatives, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to write a stimulus bill.  Then the president went to Capitol Hill to make the pitch for bipartisanship.

Too late.

The president even apparently said to reluctant Republicans, “I won.”

Nancy Pelosi apparently claimed the higher ground, saying, “We won.”

Republicans actually thought they’d be part of the legislative process.

Not one Republican voted for the Obama stimulus.

“That’s just not the way it works,” one Republican told us.

Then there is the oath on transparency.  Followed by an oath in the White House without any news media writers or reporters.  “We would have needed a bigger room, ” one White House aide said.  Call me: I can point out the bigger rooms.

And on lobbyists and ethics in government the president has already asked for several exemptions, including for his Treasury Secretary that forgot to pay his taxes and now supervises the IRS and for his nominee as Deputy Secretary of Defense, William Lynn, a lobbyist.

But we are early in this presidency and there is plenty of time left to learn….

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