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China Boss Delayed Finding Poisoned Milk for Four Months

December 31, 2008

Westerners first need to know this is a show trial conducted before state media. The second thing to know is that melamine, which is poisonous to humans in great enough concentrations, had been routinely mixed into food products in China for years — and other similar tainted substances for decades.  The reason this issue exploded on to the international scene was the deaths of children — not the communist government’s honesty and righteousness….

I pesonally saw improper use of chemicals like animal feed and fertilizer added to food products in China in the 1970s — so this issue is not new.  The New York Times investigated this issue in 2007 and found the use of melamine “an open secret” amoung tens of thousands of farmers.

It is good the world community is now aware of this practice and that China is taking action….

China: Another New Melamine Scandal; Poisoned Food Products


A former dairy boss who could face the death penalty in China’s tainted milk scandal testified Wednesday that she began investigating milk-quality issues in May but did not notify authorities until August, a state news agency said.

Tian Wenhua, former board chairwoman and general manager of Sanlu Group Co., went on trial along with three other top executives over infant formula contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine, the Xinhua News Agency said. They could be executed if convicted, the China Daily newspaper reported.

By ANITA CHANG, Associated Press Writer

In this Sept. 18, 2008 file photo, a child cries as he waits ... 
In this Sept. 18, 2008 file photo, a child cries as he waits for ultrasound exam to look for problems related to consuming tainted milk formula at a hospital in Shi Jiazhuang, north China’s Hebei province. The companies whose tainted milk products sickened nearly 300,000 children and were blamed in the deaths of six will likely pay 1.1 billion yuan ($160 million) in compensation to victims’ families, a state-run newspaper said Tuesday.(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File)

Melamine, commonly used to make plastics and fertilizer, has been blamed for the deaths of at least six children and sickening nearly 300,000 others.

Authorities say milk suppliers mixed the nitrogen-rich powder into raw milk in order to fool quality tests for protein. When ingested in large amounts, melamine can cause kidney stones and kidney failure.

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From Reuters:
In the lead-up to the high-profile trial and after repeated promises that China has put a lid on the problem, fresh quality scares have surfaced.

More than 1,500 boxes of Chinese biscuits exported to Hong Kong and Singapore have tested positive for melamine, local media reported Tuesday.

The melamine scare has also prompted quality inspectors to test tableware “following reports that some products contained poisonous ingredients,” Xinhua said Wednesday in a separate report.

The baby milk formula scandal has also opened up a festering debate about appropriate compensation for victims and their families.

Twenty-two local dairy companies that were found to have produced melamine-tainted milk had pledged to cover medical costs for affected children until they turn 18, the China Daily said.

But terms, which include a 2,000 yuan one-off payment for victims with “mild symptoms,” have been greeted with skepticism.

“I’ll never accept that amount,” Wu Yanfang, a mother whose 16-month girl still has a stone in her kidney, told the paper.

(Additional reporting by Nick Macfie; Editing by Dean Yates)


China: Another New Melamine Scandal; Poisoned Food Products

December 30, 2008

During the same week that China is prosecuting dairymen for wrongdoing in the melamine deaths and illnesses of children, the banned additive which is generally used (outside China) to make plastics, has reappeared in cookies and biscuits in Hong Kong and Singapore.

On Christmas eve, it was melamine laced seafood from China that grabbed headlines.

Melamine has been added to countless products in China in an effort to boost apparent levels of protein by raising the nitrogen count.  But melamine, when concentratated, is toxic and poisonous to humans — especially children.

Melamine killed at least six children in China who drank toxic milk this year and it  sickened thousands.  Melamine has also been found in scores of China’s exports including toothpaste, cough syrup, yogurt, dog and cat food, eggs, ice cream, chicken, chocolate, breads and cakes and other products…..
I first saw the improper mixing and use of human food products and animal feed in China years ago.  Chinese farmers were just trying to lessen the cost of feeding chickens and cattle.  And agricultural suppliers of all kinds in China work feverishly to sell “cheeper, better” feeds, insecticides and fertilizers.  Usually, melamine was added to animal feed.

Beijing’s government has little or no control over the millions of small manufacturers and farmers in the vast countryside of this rural nation of 1.3 billion people.  Until this last summer’s Olympics, Beijing had never even had food sanitation and safety standards written much less enforced for restaurants — a very basic of health taken for granted in the West.

On October 31, 2008, the BBC reported that the poison melamine was widely used in many food products in China and that “the melamine scandal began early in September.” 

Apparently the BBC took no note of the New York Times report a year ago last April (2007) that melamine was widely used in food products in China — and probably had been for years.  The Times called the use a melamine an “open secret” in China.

By John E. Carey
Wakefield Chapel, Virginia

An officer prepares to destroy unqualified milk powder which ... 
An officer prepares to destroy unqualified milk powder which was confiscated, in Shanghai November 14, 2008.REUTERS/Stringer


More than 1,500 boxes of Chinese biscuits exported to Hong Kong and Singapore have tested positive for melamine as suspects in the protracted tainted-food scandal go on trial in China, local media reported on Tuesday.

The scandal has battered faith in Chinese-made products after a series of food- and product-safety scares and led to recalls of Chinese-made dairy products around the world. At least six babies died after drinking contaminated formula in China and hundreds of thousands fell ill.

Melamine is an industrial compound used in making plastic chairs, among other things, and is added to food to cheat nutrition tests.

Quality inspectors in Dongguan in the southern province of Guangdong found the latest contaminated biscuits after examining 13 batches of 4,800 boxes for export after neighboring Hong Kong, a “special administrative region” of China, and Singapore reported tainted samples, the China News Service said.

The tainted products had been destroyed while others were sent back to the manufacturer, it said. Investigations showed the melamine in the biscuits came from milk powder, it added.

Tian Wenhua, former chairwoman of Sanlu Group, goes on trial on Wednesday along with other three senior executives of the company that was at the heart of the scandal and since gone bankrupt, the Beijing News said.

By Monday, 17 suspects involved in producing, selling, buying and adding melamine into raw milk had gone on trial, the China News Service said.

(Reporting by Liu Zhen; Editing by Nick Macfie from Reuters)


Two more suspects in China‘s tainted milk scandal went on trial Tuesday, bringing to 17 the number who have faced court in high-profile proceedings over the nation’s worst food safety case in years.


Brothers Geng Jinping and Geng Jinzhu are accused of making and selling milk tainted with melamine, state-run television CCTV said, broadcasting images of the two standing in court with their heads bowed in front of the judges.

At least six babies in China died this year and 294,000 fell ill after drinking milk laced with melamine, which is normally used to make plastic.

The chemical was mixed into watered-down milk to make it appear richer in protein but it caused severe kidney and urinary tract problems in babies who drank contaminated milk powder.

The Gengs are accused of being “middlemen” who added melamine to milk, which was then sold to Sanlu, the largest Chinese dairy producer to have become embroiled in the scandal, and other dairy firms, CCTV said.

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A Chinese nurse attends to a baby who became ill after drinking ... 
A Chinese nurse attends to a baby who became ill after drinking contaminated milk powder in September 2008. The former head of the Chinese firm at the centre of the tainted milk scandal could face the death penalty if convicted. Tian Wenhua will stand trial next week.(AFP/File/Str)

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