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Internet: Do You Really Believe China Cares About Porn, Public Morality?

January 11, 2009

Xinhua news agency, the offical news organization of Communist China, says the government has shut down 91 Internet providers for pornagraphic distribution since last Thursday.

China’s Ministry of Public Security and six other government agencies launched the drive against sites that post or link to content that “harms public morality” and corrupts the nation’s youth, Xinhua said.

In a secular society with very little religious or Christian tradition similar to those known in the West, does this explanation make sense?

Probably not.

Consider also that the China Daily web site, managed by Xinhua and the same Communist government, has a special section for images of Chinese lingerie models.

For one thing, the internet is abuzz with postings and photos of young Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi cavorting on a beach in the Caribbean with her fiancé.

China’s doesn’t care much if people enjoy porn or pictures of naked people; but China does care if the Chinese people are allowed completely unregulated and free access to the entire Internet.

China fears that pro-democracy and anti-communists teachings can be available through an uncensored system.

Even as the Olympics began in Beijing last summer, after months of guarantees that all visitors would have full access to the Internet, hundreds of sites were blocked by the paranoid government of China.

Porn is not the problem in China.  The problem faced by China’s government is freedom.

China’s Internet regulations are not about public morality; but they could be about hiding government immorality, corruption and human rights abuses….

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