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Palin Assassinated by the Media, MSNBC In Particular?

January 9, 2009

David Schuster of MSNBC interviewed John Ziegler, a conservative radio talk show host turned filmmaker on MSNBC on Thursday.

While speaking about the media and Sarah Palin, the filmmaker took on MSNBC as a whole.

“I believe that her character was assassinated, David, and I think this network played an enormous role in that process,” said Ziegler.

Later, Ziegler said: “You’ve clearly seen this through the prejudiced eye of MSNBC, which has had an agenda since the beginning of the campaign, pro Obama, against Palin, it continues today. And it’s very obvious to everybody you’re a joke.”

Shuster responded: “Right, as opposed to the agenda of people like you, to boost Sarah Palin, who is clearly unqualified. Most Americans, 65%, say she’s unqualified. You and your colleagues are trying to circle back and get her ready for 2012.”

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