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Arab Nations Urged To Cut Off Oil to Isreal, Allies

January 4, 2009

An Iranian military commander called on Islamic countries to cut oil exports to Israel’s supporters in response to the Jewish state’s offensive in Gaza, the official IRNA news agency reported on Sunday.

IRNA said commander Bagherzadeh described oil as “one of the powerful elements of pressure” on the Jewish state’s Western backers in the “unequal war” faced by Palestinians in the coastal strip.

“Pointing at Westerners’ dependence on the Islamic countries’ oil and energy resources, he (Bagherzadeh) called for cutting the export of crude oil to the Zionist regime’s supporters the world over,” IRNA said, referring to Israel.


IRNA gave only the commander’s last name but it may have been referring to Mirfeysal Bagherzadeh, a brigadier-general of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards. There was no immediate comment from other Iranian officials.

Iran, which often rails against the United States and Israel, is the world’s fourth-largest oil producer and a leading member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Top exporter Saudi Arabia is a U.S. ally.

Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants battled in Gaza on Sunday after Israeli troops and tanks invaded the coastal enclave in the most serious fighting in the conflict in decades.

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Israeli artillery fire shells towards the Gaza Strip. Thousands ... 
Israeli artillery fire shells towards the Gaza Strip. Thousands of Israeli troops backed by scores of tanks are battling Hamas fighters in Gaza fields and roads, surrounding the battered territory’s main city on a mission to end militant rocket attacks.(AFP/Shay Shmueli)

Gaza, Day 7, January 2, “Brutal Even By Middle East Standards”

January 2, 2009
The Israeli Air Force responded swiftly Friday to morning attacks from Hamas in Gaza on  Ashkelon, striking the terror cell responsible for firing four Grads.
Day seven offered no respite for either side.
The ongoing battle was called “Brutal even by Middle East standards.”Hamas top man Nizar Rayan, believed to be one of five men at the very top of Hamas, died suddenly in his home in Gaza on January 1, 2009.  The cause of death was blunt force trauma all over his body plus beheading by weapons from an Israeli F-16.

All four of his wives and several of his children also died in the sudden air raid.

“It was like an earthquake,” a neighbour said of the massive blast.

“This is a very bloody operation, by anybody’s standards, even by the standards” here said John Holmes, the UN’s undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs and its emergency relief coordinator.

A mosque was destroyed in an Israeli missile strike in Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip.

“The mosque was used as a storage site for a large amount of Grad missiles, Qassam rockets and additional weaponry,” an Israel Defense Forces spokesman said. “The strike set off a lengthy series of secondary explosions and a large fire, caused by the ammunitions stockpiled in the mosque.”

Palestinians gather around a mosque destroyed in an Israeli ... 
Palestinians gather around a mosque destroyed in an Israeli missile strike in Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip, Friday, Jan. 2, 2009. The mosque destroyed Friday was known as a Hamas stronghold and was identified with Nizar Rayan, the Hamas militant leader killed Thursday along with his four wives, ten of his children, 20 people in all. Hamas has boasted that more than 100 of the mosque’s worshippers have been killed in the past on missions against Israelis.(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Following Thursday’s death of top terror sheikh Nizar Rayyan, killed in an IAF strike, Ismail Radwan, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, called on Hamas’s armed wing to harm “Zionist interests” everywhere, Israel Radio reported.

 Israel destroyed the homes of more than a dozen Hamas operatives and bombed one of its mosques on Friday, according to the Associated Press.  In what appeared to be a new Israeli tactic, the military called at least some of the houses ahead of time to warn inhabitants of an impending attack. In some cases, it also fired a sound bomb to warn away civilians before flattening the homes with powerful missiles, Palestinians and Israeli defense officials said.

For days, Gazans have been asking the Israeli newspaper Haaretz why Israel is hitting Hamas foot soldiers, empty buildings and innocent civilians rather than the leadership. They see this as proof of Israel’s inability to really deal with Hamas. 

Nizar Rayan death shows that Israel is no longer holding anything back.

And Gazans are responding in kind.

“We call on our people and the resistance groups — along with al-Qassam Brigades — to revenge for the blood of the Imam, leader and martyr Nizar Rayan, as well the blood of our people’s martyrs,” Hamas leader Ismail Redwan said in a eulogy broadcast on Al-Aqsa.


“Making a Lot of Martyrs”: Where’s Israel’s Ground Assault? Are Objectives Clear?

Haaretz reported today:

Almost a week into the war it now seems clear that Israel missed a golden opportunity in the first or second day to end the operation as a reprisal action only. The government says it is giving the IDF a chance to achieve the maximum, but in reality the air strikes were to have given the government time to come up with an exit strategy. That did not happen. As a result, Hamas is rallying somewhat while Israel is sliding toward a a ground operation that holds many risks.

The battle is being conducted in the shadow of a looming, election-eve political crisis, with tensions especially high between Livni and Labor Party chairman and Defense Minister Ehud Barak. The latter gained points early in the operation but in the past two days his mood seems to have soured, following media criticism after it was leaked that he was willing to consider a cease-fire before a ground offensive.

More than 20 air strikes were carried out on Hamas in the Gaza by the IAF Friday, following some 50 rocket attacks by Hamas.


Killed, Beheaded In Air Attack, Hamas Leader Who Boasted of Victory Over Israel, Family, Killed

January 1, 2009

Ever wonder where all the big shot and loudly boasing leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah the Taliban and al-Qaeda are going?  Well, many are dead or too scared to talk.

Hamas top man, believed to be one of five men at the very top of Hamas, died suddenly in his home in Gaza on January 1, 2009.  The cause of death was blunt force trauma all over his body plus beheading by weapons from an Israeli F-16.

Two of his wives and several of his children also died in the sudden epidemic.

Similar death have occurred in the tribal areas of Pakistan at the hands of U.S. Preditor drones.  And terror leaders have been dropping like flies due to sudden blunt force trauma in other areas too…

Gaza, Day 7, January 2, “Brutal Even By Middle East Standards”


From AFP

The day before a powerful blast sent his headless body flying out of his Gaza home on Thursday, senior Hamas leader Nizar Rayan predicted that the Islamist movement would defeat Israel.

“God willing, Hamas will win,” Rayan said in a vitriol-laden speech that the movement’s television broadcast just after he, his four wives and 10 of his children were killed in the Israeli blitz of the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

Rayan, 51, was among the top ranked leaders in Hamas and was its most senior figure to have been killed since Israel unleashed a massive bombardment on Saturday in response to persistent rocket fire from the enclave.

Israeli F-16 jets fired two missiles at Rayan’s five-storey house in the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza. The powerful explosion hurled his decapitated body out into the street, according to witnesses.

“It was like an earthquake,” a neighbour said of the massive blast.

A dozen neighbouring houses were destroyed or damaged in the blast which also killed 17 neighbours and brought to 420 the death toll since “Operation Cast Lead” started.

The Israeli air force said the secondary blasts demonstrated the house was used for weapons storage, and claimed it was also a communication centre. “In addition, a tunnel was located under the house and was used for the escape of terror operatives,” it said.

In the minutes following the strike, dozens of people rushed to the scene, pulling bodies from the rubble including those of the two girls, aged seven and 10.

A neighbour, Mohammed Al-Madhun, 75 watched flames emerging from his building but refused to leave.

“I want to die like Sheikh Nizar,” he said, using the bearded Hamas commander’s honorary title.

Rayan was a hardliner within the Islamist movement.

From AFP

A few months after Hamas seized control of Gaza in June 2007, Rayan vowed at a Gaza City rally that the Islamists would also seize control in the Israeli-occupied West Bank which is administered by Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.

A skilled orator, he was known for his vitriolic attacks against both Israel and the Western-backed Abbas he claimed colluded with the “Zionist enemy.”

In his latest speech delivered on the eve of his death and broadcast by Al-Aqsa TV on Thursday, Rayan insisted Hamas would never cave in.

With tanks massed just outside Gaza and Israel threatening a ground offensive, he defiantly declared: “We will know how to kill and capture soldiers and how to rout them.”

Iran’s Nuclear Threat Grows

December 19, 2008

Just this week, Iran’s President Ahmadinejad said, “Whoever intends to talk with the Iranian nation should know that Iranians would never recognize the Zionist regime.”

“Zionist regime” is Ahmadinejad’s way of referring to Israel.

Ahmadinejad has made no secret of the fact that he wants to wipe “Israel off the map” and that he has a wide-ranging nuclear program.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at the Natanz uranium ... 
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility.(AFP/File/Atta Kenare)

United Nations sanctions against Iran have only been slow to materialize as Russia and China mainly block them.

And as Nicholas Kralev documented this week, U.N. sanctions against North Korea have amounted to nothing as China has worked around them (see article below).  So why does anyone think that UN sanctions against Iran would work?

So we can expect that Iran continues its robust nuclear and missile development effort and the crisis will continue to unfold; and perhaps one day explode.

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak said this week that if Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, it could try to attack Israel and even the United States.

Speaking at a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, the Israeli defense minister said the world should press Iran to stop it from building nuclear weapons.

“If it built even a primitive nuclear weapon like the type that destroyed Hiroshima, Iran would not hesitate to load it on a ship, arm it with a detonator operated by GPS and sail it into a vital port on the east coast of North America,” Barak told the audience.


Indicating the possibility of a military strike, Barak said, “We are not taking any option off the table, and we recommend to the world not to take any option off the table, and we mean what we say.”

U.N. Sanctions Worthless As China Runs Around Them