“Pakistan is On The Brink, Needs U.S. Advisors” — Ambassador

April 24, 2009

Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert W. Jordan called today for more U.S. action to support the government of Pakistan as it battles the Taliban.

Jordan said Pakistan has put too much effort into guarding against attack from India and made a “deal with the devil” when it ceded control of parts of Pakistan to the Taliban. He suggested the U.S. military be positioned to put U.S. advisors with the Pakistani military in the event that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons come under threat from militants.

U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen said after visiting Pakistan that he was confident “at the present time” that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons were secure.

Former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton said, “The fact that the Taliban has gotten so close to the capitol of Pakistan (Islamabad) means the U.S. needs to pay a lot more attention.  Pakistan is strategically more important than Afghanistan.”

Bolton also said, “Securing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons is absolutely critical.”

John Bolton

Ambassador Jordan also said the U.S. needed to rapidly choke off the Taliban in Afghanistan — which is President Obama’s stated goal….

Commentator Charles Krauthammer speculated on the Fox News Channel on Thursday that the head of Pakistan’s military, General Kayani was “waiting in the wings and will not allow Pakistan to fall to the Taliban.”

President Obama has suggested that the U.S. negotiate with the “moderate Taliban” but many regional eperts have rejected the idea…..

By John E. Carey
Wakefield Chapel, Virginia

Mullen (L) with Kayani

Pakistan’s Military Chief: Army “will not allow the militants to dictate terms”



In early February, 2008, we joined with our friend in Pakistan Muhammad Khurshid to write the essay below for the Washington Times.  The situation since then has deteriorated — President Musharraf is out and the government of Pakistan has “made a deal with the devil” to allow the Taliban free rein in some areas.  The basic points we made in 2008 still apply: the Pakistani military needs to be prepared to take appropriate action and they should be supported at the earliest opportunity by U.S. advisors….

President Musharraf, himself imperfect and perhaps with some corruption and certainly self-serving motivations, is the only man available and capable of holding together the diverse and conflicted society that is today’s Pakistan. The Pakistan army and security services remain loyal to Mr. Musharraf and some segment of the people even see the necessity of his “emergency” suspension of democratic institutions and human rights.

Under Mr. Musharraf today we see three peoples of Pakistan: those violently opposed to any restrictions on democracy; those somewhat understanding and tolerant of Mr. Musharraf’s limitations and “emergency” measures; and the terrorism-inclined fundamentalists.

Meanwhile, Mr. Musharraf and his government must be encouraged, persuaded and perhaps somewhat coerced (by selective and targeted withholding of U.S. funds) to eliminate corruption and restore more trustworthy, open and honest media, judiciary, voting and other values.

On the issue of corruption we believe, despicable as it is in Pakistan, it is not better or worse than in Iraq today or in past U.S. involvements like Vietnam.

On the issue of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, Americans need be aware that the United States has been and remains a strong supporter of Mr. Musharraf’s and all Pakistan’s government in the committed efforts to ensure the safety and security of these national assets at all times and in all circumstances. This assistance needs to remain and may even be bolstered in any eventuality in which that may be required (though there is no foreseen likelihood of such a need to increase this already robust program).

Therefore, we return to our stated purpose: America should support President Musharraf but with some reservations. To deal with these reservations, Mr. Musharraf should continue to be persuaded and even somewhat pressured and coerced toward reforms more in line with American democratic beliefs.

The U.S. has already acknowledged that the Feb. 18 election will be imperfect. Our goal now must be to pressure Mr. Musharraf to make changes in course toward the next elections by opening freedom of assembly and freedom of the press.

We believe the tribal areas are hotbeds of dangerous people and situations that may even harbor Osama bin Laden, his followers and believers. The tribal areas are the current nexus of the worst form of anti-Western terrorism. The army of Pakistan continues to be engaged here and its success varies. Mr. Musharraf maintains that U.S. troops are unneeded and unwelcome. Yet there are many other U.S. support operations such as that which eliminated Afghan al Qaeda leader Abu Laith al-Libi in Pakistan at the end of January.

And in late January, Pakistan’s government troops clashed mightily with terrorist troops headed by Waziristan insurgent commander Baitullah Mehsud. After that fighting, Pakistan has taken control of Darra Adam Khel, a town that has served as an illicit arms bazaar for about 100 years.

But we still see an eventual possible future need for U.S. troops in the tribal areas. The U.S. needs to be ready to enter if summoned by Pakistan.

Finally, the entire international community seems united in persuading President Musharraf to restore and enlarge democratic institutions and principles. His control of the press and judiciary stifles not only terrorists but also needed democratic discourse.

There is great hope in and for Pakistan. Without continued U.S. assistance and support, that hope would be diminished or lost. An imperiled Pakistan is not in the best interests of most Pakistanis, the American people or the rest of the Western world.

Muhammad Khurshid reports and writes through the Bajaur Agency in the tribal areas of Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan. John E. Carey is a former senior U.S. military officer, president of International Defense Consultants, Inc. and a frequent contributor to The Washington Times.


Democrats, Gore called “Cowards,” Won’t Allow Non “Climatista” In Same Hearing With Gore

April 24, 2009

UK’s Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, claimed House Democrats have refused to allow him to appear alongside former Vice President Al Gore at a high profile global warming hearing on Friday April 24, 2009 at 10am in Washington. Monckton told Climate Depot that the Democrats rescinded his scheduled joint appearance at the House Energy and Commerce hearing on Friday. Monckton said he was informed that he would not be allowed to testify alongside Gore when his plane landed from England Thursday afternoon.

“The House Democrats don’t want Gore humiliated, so they slammed the door of the Capitol in my face,” Monckton told Climate Depot in an exclusive interview. “They are cowards.”

By Marc Morano
Climate Depot

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Obama’s Lust for TV is Costing Networks Millions

April 24, 2009

Call it overexposure, overstaying your welcome or “chewing the scenery.”  Barack Obama has asked for even more TV time and the welcome mat is getting thin…


By  Matthew Sheffield  
The Examiner

Approaching his 100th day in office, President Obama has asked the broadcast networks for airtime for a news conference to air next Wednesday evening. It’s likely he’ll get that request granted but you can almost see the network presidents gritting their teeth and assenting.

This would be the fourth such presser for Obama (he’s averaging one a month now). The past three have cost the ABCBSNBCFOX about $30 million bucks total as Lisa de Moraes notes:

President Obama might take an additional $9 million to $10 million out of the purse of the broadcast TV industry when he stages another of his news conferences next week to talk about his efforts to bail out the banking and automotive industries.

Sadly for broadcasters, April 29 — Wednesday — also falls in the May sweeps ratings derby, which started last night. In honor of the sweeps, networks had scheduled actual original episodes of scripted shows Wednesday at 8 — except NBC, which had planned to air a “Law & Order” rerun.

Fox, on the other hand, had planned to air the freshman drama series “Lie to Me,” which has already been whacked so many times by Obama’s image-polishing machine that it’s starting to look personal.

Should a broadcast network opt not to carry Obama’s latest news conference, viewers are sure to find it on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC and many other outlets. Still, commercial broadcasters are very reluctant to opt out of a presidential speech to the country, or a news conference. They seem to get the whole public service/public airwaves thing when there is breaking news, though it’s unclear whether next week’s confab will include any.

But broadcast TV, like so many other industries, is having a tough time these days. What broadcast networks have to sell is time, and when it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Given that Obama’s poll numbers still continue to be quite good (except by Rasmussen’s count), I don’t think we’ll see a network decline at this point. But should Obama’s numbers head southward or the press conferences continue to proliferate, chances are at least one broadcaster will opt out. 

Expect NBC to air Obama as much as he wants:
Incest is Best: GE Largest Supplier of Wind Turbines, Owns Obama TV (NBC), Obama Went To Turbine Plant for Earth Day

Michelle Malkin

Obama’s National Security Challenge Still Lurks Somewhere in the Future

April 24, 2009

In April 2001, George W. Bush was enjoying Texas style poll numbers.

On September 11, 2001, his morning schedule featured a school visit.

George W. Bush stood at 62 percent in a CNN/USA Today Gallup poll in April 2001, Bill Clinton was at 55 percent in a CNN/USA Today Gallup poll in April 1993, George H.W. Bush stood at 58 percent in a Gallup poll from April 1989, and Ronald Reagan was at 67 percent in a Gallup poll taken in April 1981.

Kudos To CNN On Obama Poll Numbers; Comparison Shows They Are Just About Meaningless — AP Gushes!!

For most president’s, first term poll numbers in April and the “first 100 days” is pretty much meaningless.

But not, apparently, for Barack Obama.  He’s being called by some, “the best starting president ever.”

So President Obama has again scheduled a news conference next week.  But as we all know, he has nothing new to say.  In Hollywood, this is called “chewing up scenery.”

The president to best manage and co-opt the media ever naturally wants to bask in their glow: especially in the glow of the adoring but dying newspapers.  Who even knows if they’ll be around when he really needs them, or if they’ll come to his aid in a real crisis.

Incest is Best: GE Largest Supplier of Wind Turbines, Owns Obama TV (NBC), Obama Went To Turbine Plant for Earth Day

So I forgive the gushing over his accomplishments while it lasts.  The Obama White House and much of the media enjoys a Hollywood marriage which could well eveolve into an ugly Hollywood divorce.

Obama deserves to enjoy the moment and the adulation: just as he did in London and Austria and Mexico and Trinidad and in Iowa on Earth Day. 

All that is meaningless prologue, if history is any guide.

In April it is all about possibilities and rebirth and Easter — even for those that haven’t seen the inside of a real church in a long time.  And for every president in the past it is about when will the poll numbers go down, by how much, and what unknows will come to put their teeth into our collective legs.

There are several looming international problems that Obama yet may be  compelled to face: North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Israel and the greater Middle East to name a few.

Any one of these will be a lot tougher than shooting Somalis in a row boat.

And don’t forget about Russia and China.  Both are re-arming.  Russia is headed by a former KGB Agent who, we are certain, is laughing about the American focus on the issue of waterboarding as torture.  That’s child’s play to Vladimir Putin.  Leaders in China also certainly share this belief.  One can venture a guess that Obama shook hands just last weekend with tyrants that have ordered worse torture than waterboarding…..

But the real fear we all must be prepared for is what George Bush and the nation faced on September 11, 2001: the “unknown unknown.”  The complete surprise.

We can argue now in the comfort of April 2009 about what George W. Bush did, might have done and should not have done.  But Obama’s day is likely ahead, and he, and all of us should not lose sight of that.

Pakistan’s Military Chief: Army “will not allow the militants to dictate terms”
Obama Remains Without Coherent Foreign Policy; Just “Love Me” Mania
Obama and Israel’s Netanyahu Will Cooperate or Face “Mutually Assured Destruction”

Michelle Malkin

Pakistan’s Military Chief: Army “will not allow the militants to dictate terms”

April 24, 2009

RAWALPINDI: The army is determined to root out the menace of terrorism from society and fully backs the government in its fight against militancy, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said on Friday.

Speaking at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, he said victory against militancy will be achieved by all means.

The army ‘will not allow the militants to dictate terms to the government or impose their way of life on the civil society of Pakistan,’ Kayani said.

General Kayani said the operation ‘pause’ was meant to give reconciliatory forces a chance and it ‘must’ not be taken as a concession to militants.

He said the ‘pronouncement by outside powers raising doubts on future of Pakistan’ is condemnable, and that a country of 170 million people under a democratic dispensation strongly supported by the army is capable of handling any crisis.

Separately, military sources confirmed that an operation against militants in Swat is imminent.

From Dawn Newspaper
April 24, 2009


The army ‘will not allow the militants to dictate terms to the government or impose their way of life on the civil society of Pakistan,’ Kayani said.

Obama, Kerry Pick Family Member, Kennedy to Represent America in Italy, Vatican?

April 24, 2009

A longtime John Kerry supporter is about to land the prized position of U.S. ambassador to Italy, and Caroline Kennedy may join him nearby as ambassador to the Vatican, an Italian news magazine has claimed.

In an April 2 article in Panorama, journalist Carlo Rossella predicted that 60-year-old David Thorne, a donor to the Obama campaign and brother-in-law of former presidential candidate John Kerry, will be given the post, per the request of Kerry himself.

And in a report that will drop like a bombshell among Vatican watchers, Rosella also asserted that Caroline Kennedy – her own hopes to rise to the U.S. Senate dashed for now – has been suggested as the Obama administration’s ambassador to the Holy See.

It’s an ironic tangle of State Department, campaign and even marriage connections that only adds fuel to speculation over who will represent the United States in two of the State Department’s most high-profile posts.

Thorne, a founder of Adviser Investments, is a longtime close friend of Kerry, having attended college and served in the Vietnam War with the now-Massachusetts senator. Even after Kerry divorced Thorne’s sister in 1988, the two men remained close.

Describing him as “elegant,” and “very sociable,” Rosella wrote that, like Kerry, Thorne “has always loved ‘beautiful people,’ the ‘bella vita’, European taste.” 

After being passed over in favor of Sen. Hillary Clinton for the position of Secretary of State, Rosella wrote, Kerry asked two favors of President Obama: first, to name Thorne as the State Department’s ambassador in Rome. Second, Kerry asked that Kennedy – herself aspiring to Clinton’s vacated Senate seat – be made the administration’s Vatican ambassador.

Kudos to Headline Bistro for this scoop:

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Michelle Malkin:

Your Tax Dollars Built John Murtha Airport and You Pay About Half of the 3 Flights Per Day for 20 People

April 24, 2009

Here is why earmarks and pork spending is loved by just about everyone in Congress and even Barack Obama!  John Murtha has his own airport and it has three flights every day to the only destination: Washigton DC.  It’s a public airport with all the niceties: except flights and people.  And you paid for just about everything and you still pay about half of each flight’s cost….


By Jonathan Karl

ABC News

You’ve heard of the Bridge to Nowhere. You might call this the Airport for Nobody.

The John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport has an impressive $18 million runway made of reinforced concrete that’s big enough to land any airplane in North America. The airport also has a $7 million air traffic control tower, a $14 million hanger and $8 million radar. Most of the time, the only thing the airport doesn’t have is airplanes.

Watch “World News with Charles Gibson” at 6:30 p.m. ET for the full report.

An average of just 20 people a day flew out of the Murtha Airport last year. But, the airport was just awarded more federal money — $800,000 in stimulus funds to repave an alternate runway.

You gotta see this:


Obama As “Hollywood President With No Understanding of Weakness, Relationships”

April 24, 2009

The men of my Vietnamese-American family and friends gathered last night for a meal and, as is often the case, the conversation turned to politics and in 2009 America that means Obama.

“He seems not to understand how weak he looks and sounds,” said one.  “The world is a pack of dogs and they smell weakness.  His weakness may work in Hollywood and in opinion polls but in Beijing and Moscow I think he is lost as weak. You think North Korea would have launched that missile without some smack from Bush?  No way.”

“America is now a nation that celebrates weakness and not strength.  Such nations fail.”

On allies and relationships, one said, “Israel is worried and why not?  Iran gets closer to a nuclear bomb every day and America and the U.N. are worthlessly weak.  Ahmadinejad understands strength.  Obama? No.”

Another chimes in, “In many nations America is like a big brother and Obama is that person, that symbol.  When he hangs out with Chavez or Castro or even seems to, what is Columbia to think?  He is like a great brother with the wrong friends, the wrong girl.  He is all Hollywood.”

On Hollywood, the Vietnamese Americans gave me an earful.

All Hollywood is liberal.  They hate Mel Gibson because he made a movie about Jesus.  They wouln’t put up the money for a movie about jesus but Mel went ahead anyway.  He made a lot of money and they hate him more.”

“Even more than Clinton, Obama needs to be loved.  And he goes to all the wrong places to get it and gets it in all the wrong ways.  He grovels and apologizes.  Too bad beause most in the world want to come to America like us, to the “American dream.’  But he will ruin that. Unless he makes everyone a citizen and gives away money which looks like the plan.”

My friends didn’t know who Sean Penn was.

“He doesn’t matter.  Except if he has the same friends as Obama those are the wrong friends for the president.”

“Obama seems to have no sense for weakness and relationships.”


 How’s Obama Doing? Just Ask America’s Closest Allies


Hollywood Loves Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez

By Matthew Vadum
American Spectator

President Obama may have plenty of vocal defenders in America’s media-entertainment complex, but so does Venezuela’s aspiring president-for-life.

The American friends of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez seem caught in a time warp, spouting foolish Marxist rhetoric to justify the buffoonish behavior of their hero. But Venezuela’s head of state is no fool, and his brand of leftist politics seems to be on the march in Latin America.

Recently an emboldened Chavez called Obama a “poor ignoramus” and handed the beaming leader of the free world a copy of Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent. The book is a leftist, anti-American tract from Marxist publisher Monthly Review Press.

It is unclear why Chavez didn’t give Obama Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance, by Noam Chomsky, the book he brought to the United Nations in 2006 when he called President Bush “the Devil” and made the sign of the cross.

Conservatives criticized Obama for shaking the Venezuelan strongman’s hand, and naturally, Hollywood leapt to the defense of both leaders.

This should surprise no one. Hollywood is in love with Obama, and Chavez, who has allowed Iran-aligned Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas terrorists to open offices in the Venezuelan capital, is the kind of anti-American that certain kinds of American leftists swoon over.

Take actor Sean Penn, the recent Oscar laureate for Milk.

Read the rest:

Obama Flights To Iowa For Earth Day Burned 9,116 Gallons of Fuel

April 23, 2009

It happens every time a president leaves town to make an Earth Day speech. Reporters scramble to point out how much fuel was expended so the President could talk about conserving energy and using alternative fuels.

In flying to and from Iowa today, President Obama took two flights on Air Force One and four on Marine One.

The press office at Andrews AFB wouldn’t give me the fuel consumption numbers for the 747 that serves as Air Force One without the approval of the White House Press Office, which as I write this has yet to be given.

But Boeing says its 747 burns about 5 gallons of fuel per mile. It’s 895 miles from Washington to Des Moines, so a round trip brings the fuel consumption for the fixed-wing portion of the President’s trip to 8,950 gallons.

(AP )

The trip also put President Obama on Marine One for round-trip flights between the White House and Andrews AFB and between Des Moines International Airport and Newton, Iowa, site of his Earth Day speech. It totaled about an hour of flight time. The VH-3D that serves as Marine One consumes about 1200 pounds of fuel per hour which comes out to about 166 gallons consumed flying the President today.

Not included in these calculations are the presidential vehicles that took him the short distance from the landing zone in Newton to the event site at the Trinity Structural Towers Manufacturing Plant.

In his speech there, President Obama called for a “new era of energy exploration in America.”

At a plant that manufactures the towers for wind turbines, he urged Americans to support his plan for promoting expanded use of alternative and renewable fuels.

And he announced that for the first time, the Interior Department would be leasing federal waters for projects to generate electricity from wind and ocean currents.

President Obama could have saved at least 9,116 gallons of fuel by giving his speech at the White House – but no wind turbines are manufactured here.

From CBS
By Mark Knoller


Incest is Best: GE Largest Supplier of Wind Turbines, Owns Obama TV (NBC), Obama Went To Turbine Plant for Earth Day

April 23, 2009

The nation’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines is General Electric (GE).  GE also owns NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and other media.  GE has been widely criticized for its “over the top” gushing support for Barack Obama.  On Earth Day yesterday, President Obama went to an Iowa wind turbine manufacturing site.

Rick Santelli of CNBC is credited with starting the tea party movement with his angry anti-Obama on-air rant.  After that was aired, he was spirited away for a meeting with GE suits.  “They took me to a re-education camp,” he said.

All this week, NBC’s “Today Show” is in full gush supporting Obama — including using the environmentally pure green banner all over the morning show and website….

So there is the ugly feel of incest between GE, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and President Obama and his Administration.

Happy Earth Day!


NBC Decides It Is All Obama All The Time (That Includes CNBC, MSNBC, GE…..Miss USA…Gay Marriage)

“Mister Green” Obama Flies To Iowa on Gas Guzzling Jet To Visit Wind Factory On Earth Day 

NBC, MSNBC, GE and the Twisted Leftist, Obama-media

Liberal NBC, GE Brass Scold CNBC: Economic Commentators Too “Anti-Obama”?


File:Turbine aalborg.jpg