Get the Feeling Russia and China Are Slicing Up The World and the U.S. Will Be Left Out?

The world is about competition.

Do you get the feeling that China and Russia are slicing up the world pie?  Or want to?

At Peace and Freedom, we get the feeling that Russia and China are grabbing all the economic value from the world and leaving the U.S. to happily make subsidized cars in Detroit. Case in point is the current global foray of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev  who is wrapping up a gigantic business trip to nations like Venezuela and India.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (R) waves as Indian Prime ... 
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (R) waves as Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh looks on at a welcome ceremony in New Delhi. Singh hailed a landmark nuclear deal signed with Russia on Friday as a “milestone in the history of our cooperation” after meeting in India with Medvedev.(AFP/Raveendran)

Like it or not, where the U.S. isn’t, China and Russia thrive.

Earlier this year China’s President Hu Jintao completed a multi-nation trip to Africa.  Mostly, he seized opportunities to cheaply exploit raw materials desperately needed by China’s industrial dragon.  President Hu even went to Sudan despite international condemnation of the genocide in Darfur.

A Chinese bank employee counts stacks of hundred yuan notes ...

China also has recently completed the largest seaport in the world at Gwadar in Pakistan.

Russia and China often work in tandem — as they do in behalf of  Iran.  China and russia have the lions share of the business dealing with Iran, so when the U.S. proposes sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, China and Russia block the effort together.

Human rights takes a back seat in Russian and Chinese business.  And both nations have their top guy out there globally beating the bushes in favor of homeland businesses.

When the U.S. was agast at human rights abuses in Myanmar, China objected and protested the junta.  China wants Myanmar’s oil.

Homeless, displaced refugees in Darfur.  But China still pours money into Sudan in exchange for oil….

Add this to the many challenges of Barack Obama.  Sitting in the U.S. watching the United Auto Workers kill off the car industry as we gear up to produce environmentally pure “Made in the U.S.A.” windmills might be fine for some; but we’d like to add our voice to those that believe the U.S. needs to be a major global business.

We need to think big.  We need to redevelop  the U.S. infrastructure with jobs and billions of dollars of spending.  But we also need to hunt out and drag home a lot more of the global market.

Wherever the U.S. is shy to go in the world: Medvedev and Hu Jintao do not fear to tread.  They have been — or they plan to go.

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom



China Now Holds Most of U.S. Debt

China passed Japan to become the U.S. government’s largest foreign creditor in September, the Treasury Department announced yesterday, reflecting the dramatic expansion of Beijing’s economic influence over the American economy.
China’s new status — it now owns nearly $1 out of every $10 in U.S. public debt — means Washington will be increasingly forced to rely on Beijing as it seeks to raise money to cover the cost of a $700 billion bailout. China, in fact, may be the government’s largest creditor, period. The Treasury does not keep records on domestic bond holders. But analysts said China’s holdings are so vast that the existence of a larger stakeholder in the United States now seems unlikely.

By Anthony Faiola and Zachary A. Goldfarb
The Washington Post

Read the rest:

One Response to “Get the Feeling Russia and China Are Slicing Up The World and the U.S. Will Be Left Out?”

  1. Joseph Tan Says:

    You are just looking through a tunnel vision which is very dangerous. The world is such a great place and America does not hold the only wisdom nor solution to the whold world at large. Just look at America back-yard and see the problem. Get rid of the log in your eye before you speak of the speck on another.
    Sudan, Iran and Burma are no angle states. Neither are all these devellish state. Why not some of you journalists entered into these countries with open mind and interact with the locals for a period of time before making sweeping arm-chair conclusions.
    All leaders want the best for their citizens. But not all leaders have that priviledge. Just look at Cuba, at your backyard. Have America changed the policy towards Cuba for the past 40 years? No, why? Because Cuba is a economical and political minnow compare to America. Why America began to change her stand on North Korea? Because she is atomic armed and ready to give up unless America gave in to some of her demands. Cuba does not have this priviledge.
    Iran is an old superpower in ancient time. Even in the biblical time in the book of Esther, during the reign of Darius and Artaxerxes (around 500 – 350BC) , the Persian’s empire stretched from India to Ethropia. Where is America then?
    Persia or Iran does not just exists or raises in isolation. There are lot of soft infrastructure supporting the countries throughout the ages, whether politically, socially or economically. Even China has diplomatic ties with Persia/Iran way way during the Tang dynasty (AD 608 – AD 960). Therefore to say that China is closing on Iran just for her industrial muscle is not accurate at all.
    America, for all her fault, I must admit is a great place for flowering of knowledge, beliefs and what-not because of her liberality, infrastructure and political support and her great people. But that does not give you a licence to stomp down on another just because they hold another view, trade or have close relationship with another that you oppose.

    Thank you. God bless.

    Joseph Tan

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