Many Obama Plans Could Suffer As Players End Their Seasons, Situations Change

Daschle would be the Czar to rebuild HHS and American health care.  Hillary at State.  Richardson at Commerce.  Pelosi has the House in line and Reid the Senate.  Geithner at Traesury.  George Mitchell for the Middle east and Holbrooke for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Proven leaders all around.  An “All Czar cast.”

Except for a few unknowns.

Daschle and Richardson are out of the game already, along with Killefer who was slated to be the performance Czar.

Mitchell has made one trip and Hamas is rocketing an angry Israel anew: Israel is conducting air strikes. 

Iran has launched a satellite and North Korea says it will launch a rocket that can hit the U.S.

U.S. President Barack Obama makes remarks before signing the ... 
U.S. President Barack Obama makes remarks before signing the Middle Class Working Families Task Force executive order in the East Room of the White House in Washington, January 30, 2009.(Jason Reed/Reuters)

Iran also asked for a U.S. apology for sins previously committed by the “Great Satan.”  This even after the President Obama al-Arabiya TV show.

What gall.

Russia is working with neighbors to close a key base that supplies U.S. troops in Afghanistan.  And the Joint Chiefs are saying on the same day to lower our goals there.

The Czar for North Korea was named yesterday…. . And  Christopher Hill, who has not necessarily found glory in Korea, is moving to Iraq.

Nancy Pelosi showed what she was made of in the House: pork.  And Harry Reid is about under siege in the Senate.  Their stimulus is bedeviled.

“Buy American” caused an uproar of criticism from China, Germany, Britain, Canada, well, everybody.

This is not going as expected.

There is a lot of time on the clock and President Obama is a creat coach or quaterback or Czar master.

But flexing to the unknowns and getting it right is what this has turned into.

Since the inauguration the NYSE is down a few hundred points,  about 70,000 U.S. jobs were lost, and auto sales were at a 27 year low….

Nobody said this would be easy.

No more honeymoon.


Reality Replacing Arrogance at White House


From the Washington Post:
So much for No-Drama Obama.

With the economy collapsed, the contretemps over personnel and taxes are hardly the nation’s most pressing business. But Obama has been hoisted by the high expectations he set on the campaign trail, when he promised an administration without lobbyists and a new era of responsibility.

Read it all:

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