Stimulus Too Late, Wasteful, Reckless; Toxic Assets and Banks Still Unaddressed

“The stimulus was reckless,” said Brit Hume on the Chris Wallace moderated  “Fox News Sunday” show today.

Government Struggling to Keep Up With Job Losses; “Stimulus” Too Late

“Wall Street is Main Street,” said Hume.  “Your talking about pension funds, retirement income lost….”

Bill Kristol said, “This is real money, real wealth lost by real people.  This isn’t just Wall Street.”

The discussion highlighted President Obama’s growing dilemma — and the nation’s growing unease.

With the Pelosi Team crafted stimulus, we “blew” more than $700 billion plus about $300 billion in interst payments.  Yet what have we gotten?  The New York Times said on Friday and again on Saturday, “2009 is probably a Lost cause.”


NYT Interviews Obama; No Economic Recovery This Year

 NYT: After March 6 Economic News, “2009 is Probably a Lost Cause”

Now how do we get going again?  Well, we need confidence and not because of what the president says. We are watching and waiting for what the president will do about our fist basic problem: toxic assets and banks.

Tim Geithner took a shot at this and failed miserably.  Now we need a plan — not talk.



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